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La Belle et La Boeuf restaurant will be opening in Vaudreuil-Dorion in Automn 2017 at Avenue Loisirs.

At La Belle et la Boeuf we are obsessed with creating that perfect mouthful. It starts with the house-ground, Angus beef patty infused with our unique blend of sauces and spices. It builds with the carefully crafted combination of toppings resting on the lightly toasted and slightly sweet kaiser bun. It flows within you with our exotic hand crafted cocktails and artisanal beers.

It is amplified by the vibe of the room, the energy of the community and the fine-dining service with a casual feel. Finally, it explodes within the sweet embrace of our mouthwatering desserts. La Belle et la Boeuf is an adventure in burger gastronomy.

Our burgers are gourmet montages that are sure to please at every bite. Pure Angus beef prepared by one of our foodservice engineers, topped with only the freshest of ingredients and flavored with our home made sauces. Come savor our poutines, grilled cheeses and our home made Mac and Cheese creations.

Travel back in time to a vintage setting, decorated with collectables searched for and found in antique shops throughout the region, furniture from local artisans made with raw, natural materials. The decor is a fusion of old and trendy; urban-style graffiti adorn the walls that are made of metal, wood and brick.

The music is sure to please everyone, from the most nostalgic of listeners to the hardest rockers. You’ll be humming to legendary music of the 60s, to classic, alternative and punk rock, to the heavy metal, new age, new wave, Indie rock and local rock, that we like to play. It’s GROOVY over here!

La Belle et La Boeuf