Les avenues Vaudreuil


During the course of the year, various fun filled activities are organized! From stores openings to sidewalk sales, including celebrations of different holidays; keep an eye on things to come.

Get the most out of your Holiday shopping


Get the most out of your Holiday shopping

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Try curbside pickup

Order and pick up from the comfort of your vehicle to shop easier and safer.  Curbside pickup areas that both you and the retailers can easily identify are set up at different strategic locations to make it easier for you to collect your online or phone orders from retailers who offer this option.  Find out where


Support our local restaurants

After a busy day of shopping, stop by one of our many restaurants for a take-out order.   Save yourself the hassle of cooking.  Find out our restaurants and services.


Outdoor center, a pleasant atmosphere and large sidewalks, the Avenues Vaudreuil offers a stress-free and safe shopping experience

Each business have implemented their own safety measure and Harden as well. Here are the main preventive measures implemented to protect our clients and employees.